I agree to respect that my body speaks its truth without words. I trust I am learning the language with each passing day. I agree to honor my quest for this knowledge, whether that brings me to ice cream or fresh fruit, knowing there are no lingering labels of “good” or “bad” in this new vocabulary. I will listen to my body’s requests without judgment.

I agree to journey forward through this life as a person connected – to my body, to my values, to others around me and to the world itself.

I no longer intend to use food as a tool to numb myself to the beautiful chaos of life. Emotions are meant to be felt.

I vow that the only numbers in the future will be the number of relaxing breaths I give myself to come back to the room during a yoga session, not a hopeless search for a number of a scale. I will be adding up the future days of unearthed potential, not calories in or out. I will learn to believe in myself above all else, not in the lies that once presented themselves as my truth.

I know now that I am not alone in my healing. There is help in places I have not yet thought to look, and help in people I have ruled out in the past, unable to see the full potential of others.

I hereby agree to meet myself. I agree to become acquainted with myself, acknowledging all at once the distance between who I was, who I am, and who I want to be.

I will share my story, taking ownership of myself as a whole. I agree to embrace the idea of self-love, not merely as a foreign concept, but as a mission, fully within reach as I continue to do the work that makes it necessary to be painfully alive and to partake in life fully.

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